A Beauty Lift For Your Fall Routine

Beauty expert Cheryl Kramer Kaye is here with some beauty tricks and treats!

If you've been looking in the mirror and thinking "I could use a little pick me up," Kaye has just the product for you.

"Radiesse is a filler. It's something you go to the doctor's office to have injected and it provides an immediate lift. It restores lost volume to the parts of your lower face that have wrinkles and creases."

Right now there's a contest going on involving Radiesse.

"Radiesse is asking men and women to enter to have a full lower face makeover, be in their 2018 campaign and fly out to LA for a fabulous photo shoot. To enter go to merzfacesofamerica.com."

Skincare routines are especially important in the fall as the drier air returns.

"If you are not using a serum, start now. It is your treatment step. It comes just after you wash your face, but before you moisturize. A serum that I am loving right now is from No7. It's the Restore & Renew face and neck serum. It has five clinically-proven results that are going to give you a younger looking face and neck."

When it comes to body lotions, Kaye depends on Jergens.

"Jergens Nourishing Honey is infused with orange blossom essence and honey. It pulls moisture from the air and delivers it to your skin. You can find it at Walmart and Target for $5.99."

Finally, a new season means a new hair color.

"If you want to hold onto that hair color, you want to try KMS Color Vitality shampoo and conditioner. These are sulfate-free products. They are UV protective so your color can last up to three times longer. When you are styling your hair, you have to try KMS Add Volume Liquid Dust. You work it into your hands, work it into your roots and it can boost your volume up to 100%. You can find KMS products at KMS salons. Go to KMShair.com/salonfinder for a salon near you."