‘Samurai Jack’ To Be Released as Complete Series

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Adult Swim’s eight-time Emmy award-winning series “Samurai Jack” is being released as a complete set. Fans can get their hands on a special box set with over one thousand minutes of high quality animation.

The series creator Gendy Tartakovsky says fans can expect A LOT out of the release.

"It's pretty amazing to have it all in one big edition from the very first episode to the very finale that we just finished."

Season five's soundtrack is also being released. This marks the first time a season's soundtrack is on the market.

"One of the biggest things about the show is the music. It's a big part of the storytelling. We're releasing all the tracks from the new episodes... all the great ones that stood out. We've never done that before so it's pretty exciting for myself as a fan and for other fans of the show."

Samurai Jack premiered 16 years ago. Tartakovsky says it's been an incredible journey.

"I remember after we finished the show, I was kind of done. Anywhere I traveled, where I lived, where I lectured, where I taught, the very first question was always about Jack. Am I going to finish the stories? Am I going to make a movie? Every year it got more and more popular."

"Samurai Jack: The Complete Series" can be found through major retailers like Amazon, Target and Best Buy.