Busy Philipps shares life’s imperfect moments

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You may know her best from her role on Dawson’s Creek and current hit series Vice Principals, but actress and mom Busy Philipps’ latest project is working with LG Electronics to take on the absurdity of being a perfect mom in a comedic video series that embraces motherhood’s imperfect moments.

"Well I decided to partner with LG first of all, I am obsessed with their product, it made it easy for me to say yes. I love LG’s take that life is messy but it's still good, that’s one of my theories about parenting - that things get messy but it can still be good. And LG invented the Sidekick system that goes with your washer and dryer and for me it’s a life hack. It makes my life easier, I have two little girls who are quite messy and I am known to be messy myself, these are for your small washes that can’t wait - you put it in, it’s fantastic. I workout a lot and my sweaty gym clothes stink if I don’t wash them right away so I don’t have to worry. I can just put it in set it and I have another load going with my kids' uniforms and like I’m done.

You know, I do think that the more we can be open on social media and in advertising about how life isn’t perfect, you don’t have to your projects don’t have to look like they're on the pages of magazine,  your kids aren't in all white pristine with clean faces. I think it's empowering for other parents to see that everyone has messy life moments and it doesn’t mean your life isn't good, it means that it's life and you're living it. LG  really embodies that and that's what I love about them. And the videos we decided to take the idea of what it means to be the perfect mother and turn it on its head."

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