Self Improvement for this Fall Season

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September is always a busy time of the year. The weather is getting cooler, the kids are back to school, but the every day chores never stop! Lifestyle expert Amy Goodman gives us some insight on how to lighten our load with some tips and advice for fall cleaning.

First and foremost, she reminds us that even though we might be busy during the week we should never leave our chores for the weekend.

"What I do is clean in 15 minute bursts throughout the week, this means tackling small little piles of paper, dealing with a small junk drawer, or small piles of laundry. So that when I do get to the weekend I am not facing eight loads of laundry, I've tackled it throughout the week so that I can relax and rejuvenate."

She also recommends helping yourself to the best tools and gadgets in order to enhance your cleaning experience.

"I have just discovered the multi reach cordless vacuum from Bi Bissell. It is fabulous it has revolutionized the way that I approach cleaning because it is small and it is cordless and it really gets into all of the corners of cleaning, with regards to like under car seats and the car trunk, stairs and even the cervices in furniture. It weighs about 5 pounds, so you are not lugging around this heavy vacuum all around your home"

And our last tip, for what could feel like the most important and never ending chore, Amy tipped us on how to literally lighten the load.

"When it comes to laundry I make sure every single one of my family members had their own individual laundry bin and we just use this because that way when I do the laundry, when it's full mind you, for each bin I don't have to sort the socks, the panties, and the pants for each individual person, it's all pre sorted when I'm done."

We hope these tips and tricks help you get through this fall season and for more information on the vacuum check out