Mouth And Foot Painting Artists Battle the Odds

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If you lost the use of your arms and hands, would you have the will to still do what you loved? Two incredible women have done just that.

Alana Tillman was born without the use of her arms and hands and art student Mariam Pare could have given up after being shot at the age of 20.

Instead, these remarkable women focused on their love of painting, using their mouths. Now the women are making a living with their unique artwork that anyone can enjoy!

"The MFPA, or the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, facilitate the exhibition and the sale of our work. Our artwork is reproduced on a variety of print media such as children's books, calendars, wrapping paper and greeting cards," said Pare.

Tillman added, "We're able to show people all over how to persevere and it's just incredible to know that my card could reach so many people."

You can see all of the cards and other items available for this holiday season here!

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