New Study Reveals How Millennials Prefer To Manage Finances

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Millennials are shaping the face of modern banking. This tech-savvy generation has unique needs when it comes to using and moving money. So, are banks missing their mark when it comes to keeping customers?

New research conducted by Computer Services Incorporated, a leading technology provider for financial institutions and businesses, reveals surprising findings regarding how millennials prefer to manage their finances.

Chief Marketing Officer of CSI, Kedran Whitten says that banks and credit unions need to make sure they have digital solutions integrated into their platforms in order to be able to offer a more modern approach to banking for this generation.

“If you’re a bank or a credit union and you want to attract and keep millennials you absolutely have to offer these resources online." Seconds 'Gen Y' Guy, Jason Dorsey. He also says banks have to be able to allow millennials to use other payment options in order to share money with their friends or family or buy things.

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