Details about Pop TV’s Newest Comedy ‘Swedish Dicks’

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Peter Stormare is the creator and star of a comedy series, ‘Swedish Dicks’, on Pop TV. Stormare and one of the show’s guest stars, Traci Lords, share some details about the show.

Stormare says, "The show is about an ex stuntman it's based on my own life and who doesn't get any more jobs so he sets up a little thing called the 'Swedish Dick' and he teams up with another young Swedish DJ and they open up a detective bureau and they call it the 'Swedish Dicks'. And I have a big big big rivalry together with this lady, Traci Lords."

Lords says Storemare, "has the misfortune of opening his business right across the street from my business and i fancy myself the slickest private dick in town and so when Igmar and Axel come into town i'm all about taking them down and showing them whose boss"

Storemare calls the show a love letter, "it's my brain child but it's a love letter from me to Los Angeles, the streets of Los Angeles you never see on TV or in movies. And it's a love letter also to the old film noir. It's very character driven it's a half hour different drama."

You can catch this comedy drama every Wednesday on Pop TV.