Must-Have Products To Beat The Summer Heat

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We’ve had our share of unseasonably hot days this summer and the heat isn’t over just yet… Luckily, beauty expert Kate De Ponte has great products to help us beat the heat and feel our best as we close out the summer.

We're in the home stretch of summer and I love to simplify our routines because 65% of women say it is a race to get out of the door each morning. Many women say picking out an outfit is the most time consuming part of getting ready, so when you get a white mark on your clothes it can really set you back. In fact one in three women report having to change their outfit completely making them run even more late. Enter Dove Invisible Dry Spray it's invisible on 100 colors of clothing and also provides 48 hour odor and wetness protection. And it's under $6 at drug stores.

A great cleaner is essential right now when our pores feel so clogged. My go to is Neostrata Foaming Glycolic Wash. This high strength glycolic acid PH balanced foaming face wash is Neostrata's number one best selling cleanser. An 18% concentration of glycolic acid smooths skin texture. While gently exfoliating lacto bionic acid gently encourages cell renewal and prepares skin for all the benefits of your skin care regimen. Go to for more information.

Did you know the environment is aging your skin? Many people think genetics are the primary factor but the environmental damage from UV rays, pollution, and smoke is the number one factor. In fact 80% of all signs of aging are due to the environment. Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF 50 protects your skin from the sun but also against harmful pollutants with an exclusive DNA enzyme complex to strengthen skin. Made with antioxidants, 100%  mineral broad spectrum SPF and anti pollution shield technology. It protects against toxins for a brighter complexion and essential last step in you skin care regardless of age it has a universal tint that works with all skin tones and makeup. Go to for more information.

The new DerMend Mature Skin Solutions is a line of dermatologist recommended products designed to address unique sin conditions associated with aging like bruising fragility and itchiness. Depending on the skins needs one of the three products when used on a daily skin care regimen can help restore and maintain more youthful looking skin. DerMend moisturizing bruise formula is a summer must because it helps improve the appearance of bruised skin with ingredients that help restore skins natural barrier that may have been lost due to aging skin exposure or medications. Go to for more information.