The Best Trends For Plus Size Women’s Clothing

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Most people don’t know that 67% of American women wear plus size clothing, yet these women are becoming more important to the fashion industry. Many clothing brands are responding by creating more stylish, on-trend looks for sizes 14 and up. Fashion expect Brittney Levine stopped by the PHL17 studio to share with us some of the summers hottest trends in plus size clothing.

"It's about time that fashion has shifted into plus sizes but still remains very on trend. I dress women up on all different shapes and sizes and I always want to make sure that they feel good and look good.

One of my favorite trends for summer right now is definitely the bold ruffles and this could be seen on Christina. This Belle + Sky Cold Shoulder Romper is $39.99 and available in royal blue from JC Penny. I love the fact that it just goes off her shoulders and gives her a little bit of that romantic feeling and this elastic waistband really pulls the whole look together so it makes it very comfortable. It's perfect for any occasion from date night, cocktails out with your girlfriends, you can really wear it anywhere.

For our next look, we have Jeneba and she is channeling our black and white trend , which I am wearing too so we are kind of offsetting each other! This is a Boutique+ Fit and Flare Dress, it's fit and flare style which I love in the summertime because sometimes when it's really hot, you don't want to wear something that's too clingy to your body. The black contrast  on the belt line really brings this whole look in. It also has ridge detailing on the side. All these looks are inexpensive and they are basically under $50 and it's amazing to see.

Finally, we have Shayla and she's doing our brunch-chic look but she can wear this everyday going out to run errands as well. She's wearing this Worthington Woven Tank Top that has this nice flow factor, that again when it's really hot outside, you want to feel cool. You don't want to be clingy so that's what she has going on here. For the bottoms, she's wearing this St. John's Bay Slender Pants, they are very slim and slender so they just go with the body. I love the fact that these brights are here to stay. White is so much fun for spring and summer, paired with a top that really pops, is fabulous."

All of these looks can be found at or at any JC Penny store.