A One Stop Local Spa For Your Pampering Needs

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Newly redesigned Lotus Beauty Spa in Wyncote, PA is a one stop shop for all of your pampering needs. Chandler Lutz stopped by to see all the different services the spa offers.

Co-owner of Lotus Beauty Spa, Rasheena Stewart, says, "We're a one stop shop because not only do we do hair we also offer spa services such as pedicures, manicures, we do eyebrow waxing, we do lashes, facials, we do everything."

Lotus Beauty Spa is committed to providing a natural approach to health care, "Right now everyone is going natural but we like to add a twist to it. We want to make sure we provide healthy hair we also want to make sure you don't feel like you have to have just have to have basic looks for natural styles. We want to make everybody feel like a super star. You can have any look healthy hair and still have natural hair."

The spa also has an array of conditioners to keep their clients hair healthy, "We retail and we use products that'll help anybody out with the humidity."

Lotus beauty Spa's commitment to keep hair healthy even extends to coloring, "We do colors we do everything but we do it in a healthy manner."

The spa is a one stop shop because it offers a wide range of services. "We do manicures, pedicures, we do eyebrow waxing, we do facials. We do mini facials which is really quick while you're getting a manicure you can get a mini facial while you you're doing it so we can do two things at one time."

For more information on the newly redesigned Lotus Beauty Spa you can go to Lotus Beauty Spa Inc on Facebook.