Importance of Communication

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Successful communication is crucial – especially when it comes to online dating. At a time when people are divided, how we talk is more important than ever. Award-Winning Journalist, Public Speaker and Author, Celeste Headlee, has some tips to help us communicate better.

"One of the things that we know from this study at Plenty of Fish is that a lot of people attribute it to technology. We don't have proof yet that that's true but I think a lot of us can kind of sense that the cell phone's in our hands are interfering with our conversations.

Technology can be an incredible connection between people and we know this from a place even like Facebook where we can meet up with people that we knew in high school or earlier in our lives. So, technology through an online dating portal can really connect you, and then the important thing is to take your conversation to the next step and have it face-to-face without the technology getting into the way. And that second step is the one that a lot of people seem to be struggling with.

I would say the most important thing to do is to start listening and many people think that they are very good listeners yet when we study that its not entirely the truth. A lot of people, what they're doing is basically waiting for the other person to stop talking so that they can reply but they're not actually listening to what the other person said and responding to what they just heard. Whether online or face-to-face trying to listen to what you just heard. And what we see from this plenty of fish data is that people realize that. I don't know if people know entirely how to fix it but they do realize that conversations are deteriorating.

Just to start with-number one turn off your notification, you don't need to know every time somebody likes your post on Facebook, you don't need to know every time somebody retweets you, that's the first thing. The other thing is choose an activity, whether it's dinner or breakfast or when you're getting ready, choose an activity when you're committed to setting the phone aside, putting it away where you can't see it or touch it or hear it at all. Choose an activity, just once a day and that will get you started on looking at people's faces again."

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