Consumer Buying Tips

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Megan Harris, an international digital marketing expert and managing director at SYZYGY has  three tips for creating customer happiness.

"As a digital marketer my global clients ask me the same questions time and time again. How do we get our consumers to buy more from us? Well it's a pretty loaded question but in my experience the answer can be pretty simple, make them happy. Here are three tips...

1. Do your research.

Map out your customers path to purchase both offline and online. What you'll probably find is there are multiple ways in which a consumer can engage with your brand from finding out who you are to then purchasing from you.

2. Identify the more impactful moments in that path to purchase.

Ask yourself this question, what will make my consumer happy? Well studies show that people are most happy when firstly they feel cared for. Secondly they feel in control and thirdly they feel proficient and competent. Identify the moments where you can add a sprinkle of happiness to your consumer and then meet them in the digital landscape at the right place at the right time with the most relevant message for them.

3. Don't be scared to take action and try out new digital marketing techniques.

From paid social to pragmatics to content marketing even the smallest of companies can afford an add on Facebook or sponsor their brand on their LinkedIn profile. If you have a bigger budget the world's your oyster. We have a global car rental client who actually found a new target audience through pragmatic marketing techniques. "

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