IN FOCUS: Financial Literacy

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The Foundation for Adolescent Credit Education is a local nonprofit that conducts financial literacy classes throughout the tri-state area aimed at educating teens and young adults about money management, college loans and debt, and avoiding overspending.

Host, Jennifer Lewis-Hall, speaks with two executives from the Foundation for Adolescent Credit Education or FACE. Christopher Palermo is the organization’s Executive Director. Matt Lakofsky, a CPA – is a board member. They share information on the mission of the organization, how it’s reaching thousands of students for free, what key information they’re teaching young people to become informed about saving more and spending less in order to help build wealth and secure their financial futures. Two former students of the program - Ciara Bauwens and Fiona Magnanini also join Jennifer to share their experiences and what they learned while attending the classes in middle school and what valuable lessons are helping them now while they’re attending college. In Focus airs Saturday mornings at 6:30 on PHL 17.