Create restaurant quality recipes at home

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Award-winning chef Seamus Mullen shares his tips and tricks for creating restaurant quality recipes at home any night of the week.

"I'm a chef and co-book author and I'm here to share some of my favorite tips on quality dishes at home. It can be a little daunting at first, but all you really have to do is start with really good ingredients.

If you start with the best quality of ingredients you can make really good food. And for me , I'm a huge fan of pork and my go to pork is Smith Field Prime Fresh. It's super tender and juicy and it's important to remember that not all pork is created equal.

So what I really do is start with a really good quality of ingredient and I just kind of riff on it from there. So one of my favorite dishes I did is grilled pork steak. This is a simple grilled pork steak with tomato and olive relish and some summer greens. We're in the height of summer so it's a really great way of getting all that flavor.

If you want this recipe and more recipes I put together, you can go to You'll get a list of all the chef partners there and all of these recipes and lots of great ideas for summer grilling and for cooking at home restaurant quality meals."

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