Summer entertainment for the whole family

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A combination of quality family time plus good nutrition with lots of play is a fabulous way to entertain your family. Child lifestyle expert Elizabeth Werner talks about the best family entertainment and toy trends.

"Families really need to come together have a great time in those summer months but we also need to think about those in need. Kids need good nutrition to fuel our summer months and the same goes for children in need. Well the Great American Milk Drive brought to us by Feeding America is going to help us with that. Over 22 million children may miss out on milk's nutrition in the summer because they lose access to their meal programs at school. Well this is a way we can provide a child in our own communities with nutrient rich milk. By making a donation at, now a donation of just five dollars will enable a gallon of milk to be donated to your local food bank which can then be delivered to a child in need so I think that's a fabulous way to start the summer off with our children.

Now when sitting down to watch a series, how about a series that children and parents can both enjoy? Beat Bugs an Emmy award winning series exclusively on Netflix, is about these funny yet mysterious child like bugs who are the best of friends. They are learning to live in a suburban backyard. But the best part of it is each episode ties into a song made famous by the Beatles. These songs are sung by characters and guest stars that include Pink, Rod Stewart, Jennifer Hudson, and even more.

Now when they're watching the show Beat Bugs High Jinx Alive, these adorable little characters here, have a button on their belly when you tap that button they'll sing Beatles songs. If they're all together they're going to sing together and they even interact with the Netflix TV series. So place them by the TV when you're watching and enjoy that.

I love crafting and slime is the hottest thing right now but it's kind of hard to find all of the ingredients out there. This is Galaxy Slimy Goop. This allows our children to make slime but all of the ingredients are actually included. They're going to get an intro to chemistry, math, even some fine motor skills and have fun playing with the slime they create.

Now Despicable Me 3 is coming out we can't wait, this is Turbo Dave. Minion Turbo Dave works on a gyroscope, he's interactive he reacts to hand gestures, clapping, shaking, you name it he dances. He guards your room and he even interacts with a free downloadable app which includes a whole section on coding."