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The Garabedian Medical Clinic treats thousands of patients who suffer from chronic conditions using their evidenced-based, highly interactive medicine that provides measurable results. The Garabedian Clinic uses cutting edge treatments for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lyme disease and more. Founder, Dr. J Andre Garabedian MD, FAAFP, ABIHM came to PHL17 to share some of the reasoning behind his cutting edge treatments.


Scientists predict 2017 will bear the highest number of ticks in recent years, with a jump in reported cases of tick- borne illnesses such as lyme disease. Dr. Garabedian, how would you describe lyme disease?

"Lyme disease is an infections disease caused by a bacteria called boredia which is known to be carried by ticks and other insects, by the way and sometimes alone, and sometimes combining with other infections. Its a condition that is generated specifically by the bite, which is followed by symptoms, one of which is a rash, called a bulls eye rash. The difficulty of diagnosing that is that the symptoms of lyme, if you don't see the tic bite or you don't see the rash the symptoms are vague it's like a regular illness or virus, so a lot of people may have had lyme without even knowing it or having any treatment for it. "

We spoke earlier about how it often this disease goes unnoticed and how people often mistake it for other illnesses.

"Exactly, so we try to find out if the patient has been exposed to lyme by sets of testings that are not usually used by traditional mainstream medicine and are indicative of exposure and thus we can make a more correct diagnosis."

So why would you tell patients to go to you over other typical mainstream doctors.

"Sometimes we discover cases that have not been diagnoses or have been poorly treated. One of the difficulties with lyme disease is that the traditional mainstream approach has not always been the best. Some patients, after years of treating their lyme disease, can restart the symptoms, they have something called chronic post treatment symptoms. These individuals become extremely ill again and because of this illness you have to treat them a lot more aggressively with multiple antibiotics thats one thing, the other thing is that lyme is a multi systemic illness so you have to treat the other systemic abnormalities.

The number of cases of lyme disease has doubled in recent years, correct?

"Its more than doubled, according to the CDC estimates the number went from 30,000 to 300,000, so the number has really multiplied and I think one of the reasons for that is poor diagnosis and poor treatment."


Many people, especially, women suffer unknowingly from chronic fatigue syndrome, a type of extreme fatigue that does not improve with rest.

"Chronic fatigue has been renamed recently as systemic exertion tolerance disease which I think is much more to the point than the initial name, the issue was only fatigue was vague. Listening to the systemic exertion and tolerance disease we find out that the issue is the inability of the individual to tolerate any form of stress being mental, physical or a challenge that's emotional and the result of that is a fatigue that is so deep that really can't relieve it just by resting."

How is it different from being tired?

"The problem is that fatigue is only one manifestation from this condition, usually it's associated with mental fatigue , metal fog, issues with sleeping, immune dysfunction and infections, so it's a lot more complex."

How do you treat chronic fatigue syndrome?

"I wish I could say there's a cure for it because of the multiplying problems. It's difficult to cure all these things, the whole problem is to stabilize the body make the balance normal again and the body gradually heal from that and they become more tolerant to exertion.

At the Garabedian clinic we pay attention to these underlying problems, we try to adjust to. These the are hormonal imbalances might decline functional imbalances , immune dysfunction chronic activation of infections and by stabilizing these we stabilize the patient."

The Garabedian Clinic is located in  King of Prussia, PA. Head to their website for more information,

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