Revamp Your Summer Road Trip

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If you’re going to hit the roads this summer for a road trip, why not do it in style? RV Enthusiasts Jeremy Puglisi and Keith Sims share why RVing is the way to go.

Jeremy Puglisi, who along with his wife founded the RV Family Travel Atlas, and former pro football player Keith Sims are avid bloggers for where they share their daily RVing adventures.

The site provides all of the information you need in terms of RVs. It can help you decide what kind of RV you want, where you want to go and campgrounds.

Before committing to an RV, you might want to consider renting an RV for a weekend to see what type of RV you like and to get the campground experience. A lot of families start out by doing a rental.

"It's transformed our lives. Our lives together have been one big adventure. We're eight years into this RV-ing journey and every summer when my boys get off of school they cannot wait to get into the RV," said Puglisi.

"Last summer we went all the way from Atlanta to Acadia National Park in Maine. We've taken the kids out to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, we've been from East to West, Fort Lauderdale to Maine, Philadelphia. We camped there last summer and had a great time. The kids loved the museums and my wife loves the cheesesteaks," added Sims.

Where will an RV take you this summer?