Khiree’s Classroom: Students turn trash into fashion

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A local high school teacher is using trash to help students improve their creativity and create something beautiful.

Leila Rosa is a student at The U School in Philadelphia and made a pink dress out of a tarp-like material. She said it took a lot of hot glue and patience.

"It was hard at first because I looked at the material and thought what am I supposed to do with this," she said. "Then I started thinking about and thought that I could actually do something about this and if I actually be creative and i put my mind to it, I could actually turn something and I came out with this."

The project started last December when art teacher, Maggie Stephen, wanted to teach students design skills by using ordinary materials.

She partnered with fashion design students at a local college then took the students to a recycling dump site.

'I`ve been so impressed on how students can look at something normal and regular and ho students can transform it into something completely different and innovate," Stephen said.

The students think it`s important that more schools offer classes that inspire creativity.

"Everybody thought once you`re done with something, it can be thrown away and that`s not always the case, you can turn trash into something very good."

Stephen hopes this shows students that if you put your mind to something, then anything is possible.

"I hope they can learn that experimenting and failing and part of a successful project and part of the process."

The project was done in part with Galleries at Moore College of Art Design and made possible through a grant by The Picasso Project.

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