Safety Tips For Your Summer Road Trip

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Gearing up to hit the road for a summer road trip? Here’s some driving safety tips to ensure you make it from Point A to B without a scratch!

Drivers are driving about three trillion miles a year. Unfortunately with more people on the road, there's more opportunity for conflict points and breakdowns. Triple A is expecting about 7 million breakdowns over the summer in addition to injuries.

Michelin Driving Safety Expert Sarah Robinson says it's important to pay close attention to your vehicle's tires. There's a couple of quick steps you can do once a month before you set out on your daily grind. It'll only cost you about $2 to safeguard against little mishaps. You can use a penny to check for tread depth. Head to to learn how to do that. A $1.99 stick gauge ensures that you have the proper tire pressure, best fuel efficiency and wear life.

The basics also apply don't drink and drive and wear your seat belt when you get out on the road. If folks stopped drinking and driving and wore their seat belts, deaths and injuries could be cut in half. Triple A has all sorts of information and additional tips about driving safety.

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