Local colleges sell their old furniture online and it’s pretty cheap

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NORTH PHILADELPHIA -- If you’re looking for some new office furniture, Temple University may be able to help you out. A new surplus-property program lets you shop online for anything the university is selling and the items sell for pretty cheap!


Chelsea Williams is a senior studying environmental studies and she helps measure, photograph, price, and then list hundreds of items online for auction.

“The nicer chairs go very quickly, like I would say within a couple of days,” explained Williams.


Temple’s Office of Sustainability started the program last year.

Basically, any old furniture from filing cabinets, couches, to trash cans, to chairs…lots of chairs…they’re all listed online and they all came from a building at Temple.


Kathleen Grady is Temple’s Director of Sustainability and says many other schools like Penn State and Drexel have similar programs. Penn State’s program generates $3 million a year in revenue for the school.

Temple’s program is in its infancy but they’ve already generated over $50,000.

Grady said, “Our key at Temple is really keeping college affordable and this is a great opportunity for a new revenue stream for the university…It's not only getting more revenue into the university, but students can access the stuff at really low prices.”


All of the goods are stored about a mile north of Temple’s main campus in a warehouse at Broad and Lehigh, but you can see what’s available by going to www.Govdeals.com and searching Temple’s page.

And it’s not just furniture…right now there are things like Temple weight lifting platforms selling for $500 each…but a nice set of four office chairs is selling for $35 bucks.

Eventually, Temple organizers want open a physical store or hold auctions for the surplus items, but for now, they’ll just be selling online.

After winning a bid online, you pick up your items at the warehouse where Temple employees will bring them down for you, but you’ll need to make your own moving arrangements. They’re open Monday through Friday.