IN FOCUS: Camden Revitalization

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This week we focus on revitalizing Camden, New Jersey and what that means for residents and others looking to work and live in the struggling city. The 76ers are now headquartered there and many other corporations are under construction – including Subaru. Will it mean more opportunity, good paying jobs, a reduction in crime, and a boost in housing?

Joining host, Jennifer Lewis-Hall, to talk about those issues and more is Camden County Freeholder Louis Cappelli. Damon Pennington, owns his own company - ATS Group, a federal contractor assisting with procurement, construction and technology. He joins Jennifer to talk about how he and other investors, restauranteurs and chefs are creating a restaurant row in downtown Camden. And, entrepreneur and life-long Camden resident Khai Tran also joins Jennifer to talk about his nonprofit and new waterfront lab that’s a

co-working space for startups in Camden. In Focus airs Saturdays at 6:30 AM.