The Peter Mott House of Lawnside, NJ

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The Peter Mott House is the oldest house in Lawnside, NJ and was a major stop along the Underground Railroad.

Peter Mott was an African American farmer born in the early 1800s - who not only owned land and preached at the Mt. Pisgah African Methodist Episcopal Church - but he was an integral part of the Underground Railroad. It has been said that Peter Mott would transport slaves in his wagon to his house in Lawnside, NJ, where they would hide until the time was right. With the Fugitive Slave Law in effect, it was because of Peter Mott and his house that so many slaves could secure their freedom.

The Peter Mott House sits in the corner of a cul-de-sac in Lawnside, and has been saved from demolition thanks to historians and community members. If you would like to donate to the Peter Mott House head to