Tips On Buying The Right TV

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If you are looking to buy a new television you will face an alphabet soup of terms like 4K, HDR And Oled, but you don`t have to be fluent in tech speak to get a TV that fits your needs, and even better, your budget. We chatted with tech expert, Katie Linendoll for some help when it comes to buying a new TV.

"TV buying can be a very complicated process. Lots of letters, lots of numbers, but it can be actually easy too and I'm going to lay the ground work for a little bit of a TV education for you because a lot of people ask me... Is it a good time to purchase a TV? And I say take advantage of right now. The manufacturers and the different number of models out there are actually so superior to what we had just two, three, four, five years ago and also they're more affordable. You know we hear things like 4k that was so unattainable to us average consumers and now they're actually right in our price point. So advantage of knowing that yes now it the time to buy a good TV but two types of panel technologies that you need to know about...Oled technology and also LCD. What the heck do those mean? Let me break it down because if you're looking for the cream of the crop you want the best of the best Oled is going to be the way you want to go. And in terms of the actual picture output its delivered differently than LCD because it's actually individual pixels can actually light up and can be turned on and off to create the high resolution. Now what's awesome about it is if you want a huge TV, 55 or above, Oled is the way to go and right now they're available in a variety of screen sizes from the likes of LG and Sony announced that they're coming out with a number of Oleds later on this year."

"So we talked about Oled, let me talk about LCD too because it's also important to know and how it's different than Oled. Now LCD it doesn't have individual pixels that can be controlled. They actually did one big panel that actually makes the resolution. Now what the difference is a little bit of The details can be lost, a little bit of the black levels, clean crisp details can actually be cut out but it's a little bit more affordable than Oled but also in terms of being attractively priced it can also be available in a wide range of sizes starting at 32 too. So if you're looking for a little bit smaller size LCD might be perfect for you and either way you go look for that 4k. Four times the resolution of HDTV. 4K is going to be on most specs when it comes to TV buying and again that's just so incredible to resolution. 8.3 million pixels create 4K TVs and yes both available for Oled and LCD technologies. So know what you're looking for when you're heading in including your viewing angle. Know you're acronyms and know of course you can get a sale right now if you haven't upgraded in the last two years it's the time to do so."

Check out LG.COM for more tips and tricks when it comes to TV buying.

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