Actor Calum Worthy Talks His Latest Career Move

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You may recognize him from his numerous appearances on network series such as Austin & Ally, The Thinning, and now a new quirky comedy about the dos and don’ts of dating. Actor Calum Worthy shares his latest project.

"It's called Cassandra French's Finishing School and it follows a girl who is sick and tired of the dating scene in 2017. When she has a rebound with my character, Owen, who tapes a private encounter they had together, she decides to get revenge and lock him up in her basement teach him how to become a better man."

Should the audience be expect any surprises in the finale this Friday?

"They should be expect a lot of surprises. It's one that I remember reading the full seasons of scripts, I was really shocked this episode. So I think audiences are really going to enjoy it."

Besides acting your involved in writing, producing and also environmental work. Tell us about your other passions.

"I work with Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project. We had a 24-hour reality broadcast that occurred last December in New York and it was a huge success. People watched it in almost every country around the world and we're just going to continue to try and get the word out there about how to protect our planet and the environment."

If viewers want to binge watch your show where can they go?

"You can go to the fullscreen app or you can go to, but the finale also airs on the Audience Network at 10:30."

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