Hundreds dead in Colombian mudslide; Death toll expected to rise

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The search goes on this morning for survivors of massive mudslides in Colombia. Rescuers are still scrambling to reach more than 100 people who are missing after mudslides tore through entire communities. It happened in Mocoa in southern Colombia.

Torrential rains on Friday caused three major rivers to overflow, sending mud surging through the city.

Images of the disaster shows mud filling the streets and flattening homes and cars and buses were trapped in several feet of mud.

At least 250 people are dead and that number is expected to rise. Another 400 people were injured.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has declared a state of emergency. He said the images break his heart.

President Santos spoke to his nation in a televised address on Sunday, saying they plan to rebuild the devastated city and they are helping victims by offering monetary aid for temporary housing.

This is not the first time Colombia has experienced a deadly mudslide.

In 2015, more than 80 people were killed after rains caused a mudslide in northwest Colombia.