A Game Plan to Fight Against Diabetes

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Many of us set out to live healthier lives, but that can present challenges – especially for the 28 million Americans managing type 2 diabetes. We had the chance to talk to host and former NFL player, Mike Golic, about his experience and how he manages the disorder.

"It's a situation that radio host and former NFL player, Mike Golic knows well. After his diagnosis at age 42, Golic became determined to educate himself about diabetes and take care of his body."

"He says with the right planning and attitude, everyone can win. His main message - don`t face diabetes alone - get a game plan and a team."

"That`s exactly why I teamed up with Janssen pharmaceuticals to get the word out to people. My doctor is now my head coach he gets my game plan for me. My family is now my teammates they understand what the diagnosis is and what the ramifications are if I don`t live a healthy lifestyle."

"For more information on diabetes management, visit Icanimagine.com."

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