Why A Support Group Can Be The Key To Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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Eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis can be tough. One way to make it easier? Having a support group. Dr. John Agwonobi, Chief Health Nutrition Officer at Herbalife Nutrition, tells us why this trend can prove successful in reaching our desired goals.

Doctor, in what ways can a strong support system help us reach our goals?
"You know it's a crazy world out there- lots of distractions, lots of things trying to pull you away from your health goals from the journey that you're on to lose weight or to live a healthier life. Having a support group can help defend against those distractions. Having a support group can help you overcome many of the barriers that you're no doubt going to encounter as you go down this path."

Can you tell us why it's important to build strong social ties?

"When you have a social support group around you that cares about your success and understands how to help you get there they can help you track your journey. They can help you with tips and inspiration when you're flagging or you're lacking the enthusiasm necessary to overcome those hurdles. They can encourage you and they can celebrate when you achieve those goals. Science has shown that having a supportive community around an individual when they're trying to achieve their weight goals helps make the difference."

Lets talk about the factors. What should you consider when searching for a workout group?

"It's so important that you start by looking at yourself. Make sure you fully understand what you're trying to achieve. Make sure there's clarity around what winning looks like. Make sure you're not trying to sprint to the finish line. It should be a lifestyle change not a quick fix. Once you've done that you'll be able to match up what you're trying to do with the appropriate social community group. It might be a nutrition club or an independent distributor coach. It might be a buddy or a group of friends but you'll be able to match up with a group that can really understand the trials, the tribulations that you're about to set off through and they can help you because they get it."

Where can folks go for to find more information?

"If you go to the website herbalife.com you can get information on recipes, on nutrition, on great supplements but you can also get information on exercise, physical activity and this is the place where you can go where they'll find a community for you. They'll match a community, a supportive community that fits what you're trying to do so that you can do it without having to go at it alone."