Natural Remedies for a Better Sleep

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Do you have trouble falling and staying asleep? Well, there might be a way to fix your sleeping problems by using natural remedies. Wellness expert and Nutritional Brand CEO, Danna Pratte, shares her favorite natural products that will help you get a more restful night sleep.

Nutritional Brands thrives for a transparent environment where their customers know where their products come from and how they are made. For over fifty years, Nutritional Brands has kept to their natural approach to healthcare especially when it comes to relaxing the mind and the importance of sleep.

"Sleep is so important because it's a time for our cells to repair, and for our body to renew and regenerate. 3 out of 5 Americans actually have trouble falling and staying asleep. 1 in 4 Americans are prescribed some type of prescription, sleep medication. So I'm here today to kind of talk about natural ways to promote a restful, night sleep...

First essential oils, which are really easy. You can find them in any natural health food stores. Lavender is great, because it has a calming effect. So you can put some on your pillow or on your temples. If you take a bath before bed, you can put a few drops inside of the bath. The aroma is relaxing for your body.

The second thing is, if you need something a little bit more, we have the Pure Vegan Sleep Away. It's an all natural product. It has a combination of ingredients, like Vitamin B6, L-Theanine and Rhodiola. These ingredients actually help the body promote itself to fall asleep.

Next we have the Calcium-Magnesium, which is really good. It helps the body calm and the B-12, which a lot of people might know B-12 from energy, but it actually has a positive effect on the sleep-wake cycle. So it actually helps the body promote a restful night sleep too. And you want to look for the methylcobalamin source, that's the highest quality source that your body recognizes right away."

A helpful tip for when it comes to using your smartphone or mobile device before you go to sleep, make sure to shut off all your electronics about thirty minutes before you fall asleep. This gives your mind some time to wind down and so your not reading your phone, reading emails right before you go to bed.

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