IN FOCUS: Homelessness and Project HOME

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On “In Focus” with host Jennifer Lewis-Hall, we focus on homelessness in Philadelphia, outreach, advocacy and volunteerism.

Jennifer’s guests include Sister Mary Scullion, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Project HOME. Since 1989, the nonprofit has helped thousands of people break the cycle of homelessness by providing services that include street outreach and supportive housing. Sister Mary shares key information and how the organization is advocating for additional low income housing and state and federal funds. According the executive director, twenty-five thousand people in the City experience homelessness in a given year. Nightly she says there are three-thousand beds being used for such services.

Jennifer’s second guest is with Project HOME and is responsible for outreach. Carol Thomas talks about the critical role the organization plays in reaching people experiencing homelessness and helping them to get services in the services as they combine efforts with other nonprofits and the City of Philadelphia.

And, lastly – sharing his poignant story is Michael Oliveri who was homeless for 15-years and through Project HOME now has housing. Oliveri who is a volunteer for the organization participates in outreach efforts and shares how he seeks to inspire others. “In Focus” is broadcast Saturdays mornings at 6:30 and 11:30 on PHL17.