Red Carpet Looks For Less

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Hollywood’s award season is in full swing and celebrities are gearing up for the red carpets. So how do the celebs look so good? Well, we were able to get some of their best kept beauty secrets from celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy.

"Well you know what, this award season skin is in and what we're seeing with celebrities on the red carpet is that their wearing a lot less makeup then they used too. So what's happening is that their skin is in tip top shape. So that's the way and the key for you get this look at home, is be able to keep your skin looking amazing. And most of you think, wow I don't have access to that kind of information, well actually you have absolute access to some of the best products to keep your skin looking amazing. The first, and my favorite product, is Differin gel. This is a over the counter, prescription strength, acne fighting retinal called Adapalid. So what is does is it targets acne, it targets inflammation, it targets blocked pores. So what happens is you put this in your morning routine everyday after you wash your face and your skin stays clear and beautiful. Another big thing is, it's all about a laser, and the new Pico Genesis laser targets brown spots and reactivates collagen. This is a big celebrity secret and you too can get this laser with minimal down time and you can go back to work when your done and the great thing is you can work with all skin tones, which a lot of lasers you can't. Also Olay Ultra Moisture body wash if you really want to get that clean rinse feel. You put this on in the shower and what happens is that it really targets at the source of dryness, so you get rich, hydrating moisture. And the great thing about that is we're seeing a lot of skin bearing outfits on the red carpet. No shoulders, backless, so your skin will look soft and supple. So you too can actually rock the clean, beautiful skin look too."

For more information, you can go to to get a coupon, so you can actually get your Differin gel for a lot less, which is really fantastic. to learn more about the laser, which is incredible. I love a laser, so I really recommend you looking into to it if you have any spots. And then, so you can learn all about the ultra moisture body wash. You can also check out and see what's going on with the red carpet celebrities. I'm writing a new blog next month."


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