Thousands of people protest outside airport following President Trump’s Executive Order

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Thousands showed up at Philadelphia International Airport to protest President Trump’s executive order.

Sunday afternoon, more than 5,000 protesters gathered outside and inside the airport chanting "let them in" outside the airport. It caused some disruptions for passengers trying to leave. Thousands of more protesters jammed the international arrivals terminal.

This comes after two families from Syria were detained here and sent back to doha, Qatar. They were on their way to live in Allentown and had visas and green cards. Their family members say they're ready to fight the president's order.

"We got some lawyers working on it. We are trying to get them back as soon as possible. They took their visa from them," said Tawfik Assali, who is a relative. "They sent them back. It was like, after 18 hours, another 18 hours on the flight, it was really hard for them."

"We felt hopeless, we were scrambling trying to figure out what we could do, if we could do anything," said Sarah Assali, who is a relative. "At that point we didn't know there were other people being detained, we didn't know that this was even happening. To see this outpouring of support, it gives us hope that the executive order will be, you know, revoked."

Three others were detained here but were allowed to enter the country.

There's may be other protests in the works including one this Saturday in Center City.


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