Big Game Party Tips

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Everyone is gearing up for the big game this Sunday and we’ve got all of your food and beverage tips for the ultimate game day watch party.

"Well I want to start with the foods and the beverages that are going to make game day a big success. I think there's a little bit of rivalry between the blue cheese and the ranch fans. The company that makes both of them and they're really excellent is Litehouse foods. Their Bleu cheese is real Bleu cheese, which already sets it apart, and then the ranch is made with all fresh herbs and vegetables - really delicious. What I like about having a good dip is you have something that's really versatile like this. You can use it on the vegetable sticks, you can use it on the chips. Some people like to put Ranch on their pizza. I really like to use the Bleu cheese on my burgers. That's a great way to kick it up so having a good dip makes a big big difference in what you can do with it.

And then I want to move over to the clutch item, which are chicken wings. The guys at Wingstop now have a thousand locations nationwide. Last year during the big game weekend they sold 11 million chicken wings. So these guys are doing it right. They cook everything to order and they have all these original flavors like mango habanero, garlic Parmesan and all fresh sides as well. What's really cool is that they give you a lot of options on how to order. You can order right now so you don't get stuck in that bottle neck on game day. You can go to the restaurant. You can go to and place your order now. You can tweet them, order on Twitter, or send a Facebook message. If you have Amazon Alexa you can just say "Alexa, ask Wingstop to order my wings." You can do that right now. Again, you'll be ready for game day. Then finally I want to talk about Yellowtail wines a little bit here because wine is really starting to lose that stuffiness and Yellowtail is really amping up for game day and they're the first company to advertise there during the game in nearly forty years. Their new marketing campaign is built entirely around showing America how fun and versatile wine can be.

To that end all their wines are under $10.00. More than 15 varietals and you got the big sort of varietals that you already know. So Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, which goes great with burgers and sliders and things like that. So put these together and you have the makings for a really excellent game day. So I think it would be a big success."

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