Protesters march outside GOP retreat Thursday

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Dozens of separate protests took place on Thursday. Many of them convening around 13th and Market, which was as close to the GOP congressional delegation as they could get. A huge security perimeter kept traffic and protesters a few blocks away.

Protesters took to the streets to demonstrate about the Affordable Care Act, LGBTQ rights, and immigration, among other topics.

Philadelphia city council member Helen Gym took place in a die-in, which is where people lie down on the ground as if they were dead.

"This is our moment and we're making the most of it," she said. "This is a die-in to represent the 30 million people who are about to lose their health care because of a reckless administration that is going to talk about repealing ACA without any type of plan."

Philadelphia branch NAACP president, minister Rodney Muhammad, was also out in the streets with the demonstrators.

"We're in Philadelphia, the birthplace of this nation, they promised to promote the general welfare and ensure the domestic tranquility, but you can see out here that the welfare of the people is really in jeopardy and in the place of domestic tranquility is social unrest," he said.

The protesters took advantage of the closed streets, which likely would have snarled traffic if these people were in the streets or not.

"I took the subway into work so I'm just walking back from lunch, but either side you`re on, I think it`s a beautiful thing that people can come out here, organize, and stand up for what they believe in - so I`m for it either way," said a commuter.

Closures and more protests are expected today as the GOP congressional delegation wraps up.

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