Athletic Fashion Trends That Go Beyond Your Workout

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Many of us are striving to stick to our New Year’s resolution to be healthier. Fashion expert Kate De Ponte joined us in studio to talk about the new athletic apparel line that is blurring the line between what we wear to the gym… and the office.

While were all trying to make it to the gym let's just be honest... It's not easy. From running to afternoon pickups, to lifting groceries and toddlers. It seems like everyday life can be a workout. So to be ready for that gym visit and daily routine, more and more women are adding a new category of clothing to their wardrobe called Athleisure. Athleisure clothing is all about clothing that is comfortable, functional, and can be really fashionable at the same time. So in terms of what it is, it really composes a wide ray of various athletic apparel. So think yoga pants, thick running tights, thick sports bras, vestal wrap tees that you can wear on your morning coffee run to your run in the park. And JCPenney has a great selection of really fashionable Athleisure pieces at affordable prices. Best of all it really helps you prep and get in the mind set for a successful workout...

I'm loving this look right here with this wonderful deep wine windbreaker. So many of the pieces are from JCPenney's Xersion line. So these great jackets and these great tops are from the Xersion collection. She is ready for a gym workout and right after she can meet the girls for coffee which is great.

Our second look is also wonderful... think from going to the barre studio to the street right after. She is so comfortable in these leggings that can move, and work with her body. This pale blue color is the color you are going to see all over the Spring runway coming up. She is comfortable, she is layering, and she has this great zip down sweater with a really soft comfortable tee. She is ready for whatever the day has in store for her.

For our last look, what I love about Athleisure is it is really blurring the line between what we can wear to the gym and also the office. There is so many great pieces that we can mix and match. I love the modern chromatic look of this piece with the wonderful blue, gray look.

All of these pieces seen today range from $20 to $60 and are available for purchase at JCPenney stores and

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