Tips For Maximizing Tax Returns

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Tax season can be a stressful time for many. Here are some tips to get you through this year’s tax returns.

"I`m Chandler Lutz with a PHL17 Extra. It's time to sort through receipts and collect your W-2` season is here. Steve Henderson shares some changes in tax laws that could impact when you get your refund."

"The road to getting your refund is bumpy and unclear sometimes.Master tax adviser, Jennifer Owens, says a new hurdle on that pat is called the Path Act. It`s a new law delaying refunds for millions of Americans."

"That`s going to affect about 30 million taxpayers. It's very important for people to know about that - and in Pennsylvania it affects almost a million people."

"So, if you need your refund sooner than later, an H&R Block refund advance can get you up to $1250 dollars."

"It`s a no interest loan from MetaBank and it`s paid back once your refund is received."

"Jennifer has a word of caution to taxpayers without health insurance."

"The penalty is now $695.00 per uncovered adult or about half of that per uncovered child."

"But, there are ways you can maximize the money you get back from Uncle Sam!"

"The top 3 ways for taxpayers to maximize their refunds this season include itemizing, life changes and filing status."

"Retrieve your refund faster! Go to ."