Thousands expected to protest President Trump’s visit to Philadelphia

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Donald trump pays his first visit to Philadelphia as President on Thursday. He’s meeting with Republican Party leaders at a Center City hotel and that’s going to cause a number of issues.

More than a thousand people from the LGBTQ community held what they called a "dance party" demonstration. It was held in front of the Loews Hotel where GOP congressional leaders are meeting.

President Trump will arrive at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel on Thursday for a republican retreat.

The annual retreat is a chance for republican lawmakers to determine their goals for the upcoming session. Hundreds of people are expected to protest outside.

Some got an early start Tuesday afternoon, holding up signs reading "Black Lives matter" and "Fear GOP democracy".

David Lipschutz is a protester and hopes lawmakers hear their message.

"We have to show that people are together in standing up in solidarity and also beyond that, instead of marching around and screaming, we also need to call legislatures and get as much push back as possible," he said. "They want to be re-elected and if they see their constituents are against their proposals, then maybe they'll start shifting on them."

Those sidewalk and parking restrictions begin at 6 a.m. and the road closures start at 8 a.m. and will last all day.

On top of that, some SEPTA services will also be disrupted.

In fact, I've been hearing these protests are growing and there may be upwards of thousands of people participating.