Inaugural Protests Planned in Philadelphia this Weekend

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There are protests planned in Philadelphia on Friday and Saturday. It’s in response to the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday.

Demonstrations are set to begin Friday around noon in center city. They will also continue into tomorrow with that woman's march on Philadelphia along the parkway.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the Woman's March on Philadelphia this Saturday. Many of them spent the week making signs for the march.

Some Philadelphia residents also plan to attend the Woman's March on Washington, D.C. It's meant to be a peaceful and positive demonstration for women's equality.

This group said they understand it won't change the election results, but they hope it sends a message.

"I think that this mass amount of numbers in multiple cities across the U.S. will show Trump and his administration that we`re ready to take this seriously and we`ll do anything we can to protect our rights," said Amy Faith Heyden, who plans to attend the march in Philadelphia.

Police in Philadelphia said that drivers should expect delays around parts of center city later today, mainly around city hall and independence hall.

They said you should find alternate routes or avoid those areas if possible.
tomorrows woman's march will start at around 10 a.m. at Logan Square and end at Eakins Oval.

it will be followed by a rally at Noon.