Gadgets Galore From the Consumer Electronic Show

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Tech expert Jamie Sorcher shared some of her top finds from the Consumer Electronic Show all the way from Las Vegas.

"The biggest names in the tech world headed to Las Vegas this weekend for the Consumer Electronic Show. I'm Chandler Lutz with gadget girl, Jamie Sorcher. Jamie, give us the low down on the 2017 technology trends."

"Ok, well let's start over here. This is the Samsung CH711. This is the new curved monitor that comes in 27 inch and 31.5 inch variations. It's designed to wrap around your field of vision and draw you deeper into your movie and gaming action. It has quantum dot technology that is designed to give you colors that are brighter and more natural, and precise. And you can see a wider work space there so you don't have to scroll and zoom. It also is the ultimate monitor for immersive and realistic content giving you vivid picture quality, greater depth perception and an ultra wide 178 degree viewing angle. Beautiful, clean, 360 degree design. It will look beautiful anywhere in your room.

Then we have the Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven. This is a game changer. It combines induction and duel infrared heating technologies so you can prepare delicious meals in under 30 minutes. It has a pre-programmed menu giving you the option to grill, bake, broil, roast and reheat in minutes - all with outstanding results. What it basically does is take the guess work out of different cooking methods so you can prepare meals that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. A great all in one cooking solution.

And then let's get geeky here for a minute. This is...if you have high performance data needs, this is the Samsung 960 Evo Solid State Drive. This is for gamers, designers, videographers, and engineers. And it allows you to upgrade your device with more storage capacity and faster performance than a traditional Status SSD. This is a new NVME Solid State Drive from Samsung that gives you outstanding performance, reliability, speed - and look at this. All of this storage capacity in a smaller form factor. So it's perfect, perfect for those ultra-slim PC's. And of course, no moving parts. It will be able to withstand drops and bumps. And it protects your data with advanced security.

And then we are all burned out with security fatigue and passwords. Well the future is bio-metrics and this is from bio-key. This is a new padlock called the touch lock. It's the power of touch it's your finger print. It's a unique metric to you that opens this padlock. It's great for high school students for their school lockers. You can use it on a bicycle, the shed in you backyard. But the idea here is this is a unique metric. Your finger print is what opens the lock. They come in colorful colors - it's convenient. No combination to remember, no keys to lose. And that is from bio-key. And there's more information on all these gadgets on my website,"

"Great products you've got there Jamie. Thank you so much for joining us this morning."