Tips for Battling Flu Season

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An expert on staying healthy through the cold winter months ahead spoke to us about how to avoid the pesky cold and flu.

"The first step to keeping those healthy resolutions is being picky about what you put in your body. With protein, does it taste great? Is it made of clean whole ingredients? Are there artificial things listed on the label? If so then you should get picky about your protein.

Orgain products are made from the highest quality clean organic protein. It was developed by Dr. Andrew Abraham, who simply couldn't find the highest quality on the market at the time he was fighting a rare form of cancer so he developed it for all of us to benefit from. You can get the protein powder to simply mix into a smoothie and grab an on-the-go nutritional shake - or you can try one of the nutritional bars.

The other thing that's key is working more fruits and vegetables into our diet. An IFC study found that eight in ten Americans are trying to do that, but it's difficult to do on a daily basis. A little secret weapon is green juice. Evolution fresh is great for this because they've crafted seven green juices. Each one is packed with one pound of nutrients. They're also announcing that they are bringing back National Green Juice day. So mark your calendars for January 26th. On that day they're going to be giving away five of their green juices in select cities. You can log on to for more details.

Another thing we need to talk about - how important breakfast is. It's a key part of our day, and nature's path Qia Superflakes is excellent for this. It's a super food grain cold cereal that's going to keep you up with energy all day long. It's organic, non-GMO, gluten free - loaded with good proteins, fiber, and whole grains and it's low in sugar. It comes in three delicious flavors. Honey Qia, Cocoa Qia, or Cocoa Coconut.

Finally it is cold and flu season and we need to arm ourselves. Cold-Eeze is the key for this. Their lozenges have been clinically proven to cut the length of your cold in half. This is something you want to have with you at all times. They've also come out with the multi-symptom cold and flu that not only cuts the length of your cold, but also gives you relief from some of the symptoms associated with cold and flu. Another to watch for are the gummies, which are great for the entire family. They taste great, again, they shorten the length of the cold and provide you with relief from those symptoms - cough, sore throat, congestion. This is your first line of defense."

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