Planning a Vacation in the New Year

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PHL17’s Chandler Lutz has the latest 2017 travel trends found among Americans… and the lengths they will go to in order to take a vacation.

2017 will be here before you know it and that means a fresh slate for travel plans.... But you may be surprised by some of the lengths people will go to when it comes to a taking a vacation.

A newly released, 2017 travel trends survey reveals that a majority of Americans questioned would give up a lot for an all-expense paid, dream vacation. That includes giving up coffee, and get this... One in four people said they would getaway even if it meant missing their child`s first birthday...

On top of that travel expert Kendra Thornton says many people believe they may be too busy to travel in the new year.

"The big difference is they plan to spend a lot more. Budgets are expected to be up about 40% more in the new year. The majority of that money is going towards lodging and of course food and beverage experiences as well."

See if your 2017 travel trends are in line with other Americans and check out some great deals for your next getaway at Happy travels!

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