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ATCO, NJ — One of the newest breweries in Southern NJ is also one of our favorites and we learned all about Atco Brewing Company on Weekend Philler’s “Craft Corner” segment.

We came for the ugly sweaters, we stayed for the delicious brew!  In just their first year of operation, beers like Swellhead, Atco IPA and Piney Pale Ale, named for the NJ pine barrens, have not only put Atco Brewing Company on maps-- but on taps.  (One of the hardest thing for a new brewing company is getting bars and restaurants to give up a tap for a new unknown company.)

Atco Brewing Company is located between Philadelphia and the shore on route 30 in Atco, NJ.  It's very much a family feel  with owners Dan Hoover, Shawn Iuliuicci, Anthony Maccarella and Paul Lawyer and their families all in and around the premises pitching in with lots of good cheer and smiles.   (Especially for this Ugly Sweater Party.)  We spoke with Shawn and Dan for this piece about the facility and some of their favorite craft beers on tap.   They were just as excited to be on our new show as we were to be at their brewery!

"The experience was awesome, the fact that you make the TV scene, along with your new business, and with your family, friends and local community, its just a great opportunity and we loved it. Hope there's a sequel! Thank you Tony and Weekend Philler! #cheers," said Hoover.

We are looking for big things from these young brewers in the future.  With 10-14 beers consistently on tap and a beautiful tasting room that feels like you are hanging out with friends, Atco is worth the trip.

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By: Tony Romeo / PHL17
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