New Immuno-Oncology Treatment For Hard-To-Treat Cancers

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A new immuno-oncology treatment is now available to certain patients with hard-to-treat cancers, including head and neck. This year alone, more than 64,000 new cases of head and neck cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S.

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Dr. Gibson, I'd like to start with you. What is head and neck cancer and what are some new treatments options?

"Yeah, thank you. Head and neck cancer, perhaps little known, a bit misunderstood, is self-explanatory as a cancer of any of the structures in the head or neck, but it excludes the brain. So this can go all the way from the tongue to the voice box, for example. Treatments available currently are what we call multi-modalities. So folks do surgery, radiation, and chemo and immunotherapy, as well."

Now Carly, what are some questions that patients should ask their doctor?

"We encourage patients to ask their doctors any and all questions that they have. What is the stage and the specific type of head and neck cancer? What type of treatment options are available to them? What type of side-effects can they expect from the treatment? And what other resources are available in terms of supportive information?"

Now if viewers want to learn more about this, where can they go for more information?

"I'll start - there are two websites., and the second is National Comprehensive Cancer Network, which is"

"And for supportive services and resources, And support for people with oral, head, and neck cancer, and Head and Neck Cancer Alliance are great resources."

Very important topic. Thank you both so much for joining me this morning.

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