This Holiday Season’s Online Shopping Trends

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If you like to shop online we’ve got the inside track on the latest trends.

Maris, shoppers are no longer going into stores rather they have everything available at the click of a mouse. So what are some online shopping trends you're seeing this season?

"This season, you're right, everybody is shopping online. Even when they're in stores they're using their mobile phones or tablets to search for better deals online than they can get in person. I always tell people never pay for shipping when you're shopping online. If you're in a store and making a big ticket purchase see if the retailer has an app or use a browser app to make sure you can check deals. You can make sure that you're getting any deals or discounts that are available to you."

So how do you find those free shopping promotions?

"I use an app called Honey that you can use and install on your desktop browser or use on your mobile phone so they can compare and view deals from all different sites so you can make sure you're getting the best price and the most bang for your buck too."

What are some other tips when you're online shopping?

"This season people will start to see a lot of domain name endings that are different than dot-com. So when you're shopping online, look for websites that end in dot-shopping, dot-boutique, dot-life, dot-style. There are a lot of creative new domain names available that consumers are using, but retailers too to tell the world exactly what business they're in.

One of my favorite ones that has great gift options is drift-away-dot-coffee. Who doesn't love coffee? It's a great gift for a neighbor, a colleague, anybody who you know is hard to shop for and that dot-coffee domain name ending tells everybody that's a coffee company and there's others that end in dot-clothing, dot-watch, dot-style so you know exactly what type of retailer your shopping from and you can trust that they'll have exactly what you need."

Alright Maris I can't wait to get online and start shopping. Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

"Thank you for having me."

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