Building a Financial Plan for Your Family

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When it comes to money, some of us have it together.  And some of us don't especially, as some say, when it comes to the wage gap between men and women.

"We have everything set up as far as savings plans and what we invest in"

"You have to take care of the school, housing, take care of the kids"

"When were in our early twenties women are already earning less, saving less, and investing less then you see the pattern just continue and start so early."

Kimberly Palmer says our complicated relationship with finances begins when we are young.

"It seems so ingrained in culture and it starts with how parents talk to their sons and daughters differently about money. This mother of two is the author of "Smart Mom, Rich Mom."

So much of the messaging we get has to do with coupons and its about so much more than that. Save for your own retirement, save for college, there is a 90 percent chance we will be solely in charge of managing the finances so we have to be ready for that."

So what might we do differently?

"To change it we have to change our routine. Women have to make saving as a priority."

This wealth advisor compares building wealth to climbing a mountain, which she did when she conquered Mt. Everest in 2008.

"You just have to start doing it - thats the first step and then take the next step and so fourth."

Come up with a plan, focus on goals, and establish a strategy.

"This is a responsibility as much as it is to take our kids to the doctor."

It all adds up to a lesson for the entire family.

"It can really help to start that confidence in our daughters and motivate us as moms to make better choices, knowing that our daughters are watching us so closely."

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