Holiday Gifts The Entire Family Will Love

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Katie, everybody is getting their holiday wish list together. What's a gift the little ones will love?

"I'll tell you my niece and nephew absolutely loved playing with this over the weekend. It's Leap Start from Leap Frog. What's great about it is it combines both that education and entertainment you need and of course with over 400 different interactive activities from math to creative challenges to puzzles it keeps kids entertained. So love this - again Leap Start from Leap Frog.

Switching gears right behind me you can't miss this. This is actually from LG and it's the LG 38" UC 99 and it looks large because it is the world's largest 21x9 ultra-wide monitor from LG. And whether you're a creative professional, gamer, or simply love watching your movies - no problem. This is going to give you awesome picture quality and also superior audio. The LG 38"  UC 99.

I want to pop over to something that is very popular this holiday season and really every holiday season. The world of Amazon, all new Kindle, under 80 bucks. The most inexpensive and affordable e-reader on the market. Brighter and lighter than the previous generation. It's going to hold weeks of battery life and thousands of books and then right along with it I got to tell you about something you've probably seen all over the commercials. Voice shopping with Alexa. If you want to avoid shopping check out this. You can actually shop with your voice. Say "Hey, Alexa what are the deals?" She'll actually give you new deals. Over the holiday you can take advantage of it.

Let's talk about STEM education even more because this is something I'm very very behind. It's very important for all kids. Sylvan, of course, has a big focus on STEM for kids. It is imperative to get an edge for them these days and perfect if you have a Sylvan Learning location near you. You can actually go up and pick up a gift card for their edge classes. They're a leader in STEM curriculum and actually provide experience like engineering robots and coding.

Of course, last but not least, we talk about GameStop. I live across the street from one of these. GameStops are a go to place for all of your gaming needs and one big item on the wish list this year is of course the PlayStation 4 pro with more than 40 enhanced games at GameStop. So stop in there and take advantage. It is amazing in terms of spectacular graphics in the entertainment device and all of these gadgets can be found at"

I love that, educational but still fun. Katie thank you so much for joining us this morning.

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