Weekend Philler Extra: Edison’s Creepy Talking Doll

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Trenton, NJ -- Everyone knows Thomas Edison for his major inventions, but if you travel to the NJ State Museum, you can see one of his lesser known inventions that belongs in your nightmares.

We found this doll at the NJ State Museum in Trenton, when we met Nicholas Ciotola, Curator of Cultural History.  Nicholas was a super interesting guy with a great exhibit in 2017 called Toy World.  It's about all the toys made in NJ.   We liked it so much, we did a Weekend Philler segment.  We also decided to do this Philler Extra on a part of the exhibit about the first talking doll invented by Thomas Edison.  The idea was way ahead of its time, but the execution wasn't quite there yet and, again the resulting doll was scary.

You can check out more from Weekend Philler on Saturday's at 11:30 pm on PHL17.  What's Weekend Philler?  We are glad you asked.

Here are the latest episodes.  Toy World will be in there soon!


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