Travel Mom Emily Kaufman Is Back With Holiday Gift Ideas

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The holiday season is upon us and that means lots of people are planning to getaway and some are even thinking about how to give the gift of travel.

When it comes to making every family member happy with a vacation choice, give them what they want., the global leader in booking accommodations from hotels to villas, has loads of information about what kids are looking for in their vacations and has launched Little Adventurers to help parents plan great getaways. Booking surveyed more than 22,500 kids and found out lots of helpful information about travel from a child's perspective. Kids want to participate in activities they cant do at home and while youngsters 5-11 are craving a lush swimming pool and all the ice cream they can eat, 89% of teens responded they want the opportunity to post cool pictures and a strong Wifi connection.

So when it comes to technology, make it your travel companion.  Orlando is the number one most visited vacation destination in the United States and they have just introduced the first way Blazers IBM Watson enabled technology, this  interactive app helps visitors to maximize their Orlando vacation experience in a way that is personally meaningful to them by making recommendations that best fit each individual.  You can find the app in Apple apps and Google play stores.

Let travel help you to achieve your new years resolution.  Whether you want to give back, get fit, learn something new or spend more time with family and friends, travel can assist in accomplishing those goals.  Happy holidays and happy travel.