Happy Holidays To Him: Gifts for Guys

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Happy Holidays To Him: Gifts for Guys

Mario, it's always a pleasure having you but this morning you're here to talk about the best gifts for all of the men in our lives - take it away.

"Yes, I am Chandler that's right we got to take care of the guys too. I'm going to start first with something they're going to love especially if their audio buffs or want to record great audio. This is the Shure MV88 IOS digital microphone. It connects directly to any apple device. I've been using it for the past two weeks. Love this. High quality audio, digital recording on the go. You also have a free app that also gives you other tools as well as easy sharing through it. Perfect for grabbing music from those concerts, maybe your jamming out sessions if you have a band or a group. Sporting events life moments and more. You'll get the best audio quality through that for sure.

Next up is the wearable section - they love wearables. Us guys want to look good too. The Samsung Gear S3 watch. This is incredible; but not only that, there's two different models. The rugged frontier with LTE connectivity. You'll be able to receive calls, text messages, alerts and more. And they also have a bluetooth connectivity version of the iconic classic. GPS built in and you can personalize this with thousands of watch faces and bands and more.

Next up, something for fun, is the Air Hogs Helix Race Drones from Spin Master, guys will have a lot of fun with this from beginners to advanced, there's two different modes to play with so it's great for everyone to try this out. You can even push the limits with a quick stunt button. It even has an exo-frame so you don't have to worry about breaking it. After that we have Lootcrates Core Crate. It's a monthly mystery crate for all of you fans that love games and comics. Think Deadpool, Avengers, Walking Dead, like that - every month they get a new box and new theme of collectible items and apparel that's awesome and exclusive. So they'll love that for sure.

Then you have the mechanic in your family. You want to get them the Husky Mechanic Uni-Tool set at Home Depot. A sixty piece set that includes a super long handle, 100 precision ratchet which is awesome and has a lifetime guarantee with replacement parts.

Last but not least, the escape room the game from Spin Master. You can solve puzzles, it's an awesome way to hangout with your friends. You can hang out with your friends, solve these clues and do it before the electronic decoder time kicks you out of the room. Lot's of fun, everything I talked about is available on our website at thunknews.com/him."

Mario, I don't know how you did it but you made me want all of those products. As always thank you so much. Happy holidays!

"Happy holidays to you too Chandler, take care!"