Holiday Gift Ideas for the Pets in your Family

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Good morning! I am joined now by pet expert Dara Foster. Dara, I hear you have some "pawsome" gift ideas for our furry friends this holiday season.

Dara Foster: "I actually do. I have some awesome gifts for you this season. One thing about getting your pet a holiday gift is keeping them safe. That is why I love the Whistle GPS tracking device. It is the first on collar
tracking device that is worked with a mobile app and ti actually combines an activity tracker and location tracker, GPS tracker, all in one app. You just get on your phone and it is all right there at your fingertips.

Yeah, and also another way to show your dog you love them this holiday season is to feed them wonderful food!
You can always make your dog happy by extending the life of your dog and feeding them food that tastes yummy.
Ollie creates a tailored pet feeding plan for each individual dog. The food is made from human-grade
ingredients and they deliver right to your doorstep and it comes with nutritional information and instructions and it tastes yummy and you're going to feel awesome knowing that your dog is happy and living a happy life to live longer.

When you go away for the holidays, it is pretty stressful to find a pet sitter. Everyone gets a little nervous.
DogsVacay will make you feel so secure about leaving your pet behind because they actually vet each host. They have 30,000 hosts between the US and Canada and they also offer 24/7 vet emergency support and pet insurance and you get daily update photos of your pet.

If you can't have a pet and you're not in the situation to have a pet, Hasbro has the Joy for All Pets companion animals. It was originally created to comfort the elderly but when grand kids come over, they also love it too. It is perfect for anyone who can't have a pet. It is hypoallergenic and paper trained and litter trained.

Next, it is really important to know your dogs DNA so this is an awesome gift you can give your pet. Embark DNA testing kit is the most comprehensive testing kit on the market. You also get that awesome fluffy breed reveal so
know what breed your dog is made of. But even more important, you get over 200 genetic markers and they test for over 160 genetic diseases.


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