Your Guide to Holiday Gifts

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"Good morning Joey, we're looking for those holiday gifts for kids that are both educational and fun. I hear you have some for us."

"I have great things, and nothing says the holidays more than family game night, right Lauren? So you've got to check out this new game. It's Hedbanz electronic game. It's by Spin Master. A fast, team based version of 'What Am I?'  Lot's of laughs with this. This is how it works: players put on the headbands that identify what they are, and the goal is to figure it out before the time runs out. There are three modes to play. You can ask your team members yes or no questions. You can describe who you are, or what you are - and you can act it out. It's super fun - the electronic host handles it all. Two or more players and you're going to laugh the night away.

So in my house, Lauren, we have two issues - reading and we have screen time. We have the solution for both. The folks from Lost My Name have magical gifts that can be personalized with your kids' names. Created online at, and they can get one of a kind books. Children feel so special with these. The website by the way - has fun games called silly snap. Don't miss that one as well.

Let's talk tablets. The kindle for kids bundle by Amazon. It's a big one in our house, why? Well because it brings back reading with the tablet. I love that! It also comes without sponsored screen savers - and moms, this is the best part. There's a cover and a two year warranty - one you want to check out when you get the chance, as well.

Let's talk about some fun time for toddlers. The Go Grippers Bounce 'N Zoom Speedway from Oball. It's really the most interactive way for kids to play with cars I've ever seen. Cars bounce and zoom down ramps - they get lifted by a giant claw. It tumbles and on a big bounce pad. What's cool about the cars is there are geometric holes that will pick them up for their little hands and they won't put them back down. You can get it at Toys 'R Us.

Let's talk about from fun to learning. Have you heard about Skybrary family library? It brings back Levar Burton's Reading Rainbow for fun. Ages two to nine. Over 600 books to choose from, 250 videos.

Ok, Teletubbies, they returned! The most successful global brand of all time. It helps kids develop all of those things we need to know for those teachable moments, mom. You know, Teletubbies, they're back on Nick Jr. by the way, but this is a really fun product. It's called Lullaby Lala. I love it because it puts me and my kids to sleep. Go check out more, get more information"

"Oh man you're bringing back my childhood with those Teletubbies. Joey thank you so much for joining us this morning."


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